Node-Sass build failure in Azure DevOps

· 1 min read

How to make sure your build pipeline runs on a specific version of node.js in Azure DevOps.

The error message we started getting during the weekend.

d:\a\1\s\node_modules\node-sass\src\create_string.cpp(17): error C2664: 'v8::String::Utf8Value::Utf8Value(const v8::String::Utf8Value &)': cannot convert argument 1 from 'v8::Local<v8::Value>' to 'const v8::String::Utf8Value &' [D:\a\1\s\node_modules\node-sass\build\binding.vcxproj]

Turns out our DevOps agents got an updated node version, and the node-sass package we use doesn't work with node version 12.

Thankfully, Microsoft has a built in task for Azure DevOps called "Node.js tool installer" where you can specifially set which node.js version you want your pipline to use.